The Midnight Sun Will Get You Through The Day

Really awesome time lapse shots of Iceland during the midnight sun. Do yourself a favour.


One response to “The Midnight Sun Will Get You Through The Day

  • Don Laird

    Joe Capra is a man who wandered to one corner of this planet, Iceland, to take over 38,000 photographs…..38,000 splinters of time……38,000 exquisite moments in the ebb and flow of a “Pale Blue Dot” spinning through space…….

    From those 38,000 splinters of time, Joe Capra, an artist and a craftsman, created a breathtaking film of Iceland ‘neath the midnight sun. I was stunned and as I watched I slowly drifted away on music beguiling, transfixed as, once again, I was stumbling through my youth, once again, with the eyes of a young man, discovering the northern reaches of Canada, taken back to my wanderings in the Arctic and the Yukon so many years ago……….sublime…..surreal…..simply magnificent……

    There are those who see far beyond the surface, there are those with vision, those whose grasp of fleeting moments gives the world a reason to pause, a reason to walk down the avenues of days gone by, a reason to see our world for what it is; a rare gift……..Joe Capra is one of those.

    Capra wandered to a place most of us would consider hostile, barren and unforgiving…an island that rides the Arctic Circle, an island surrounded by the North Atlantic ocean; Iceland. Capras’ work reveals he found not hostility nor absence of life and beauty but much the opposite. Capra found incredible beauty and a rare depth of Life. This short film, celebrating the explosion of life in an arctic world, is truly art imitating life. It shows us that this gift of Life, mirrored in the Icelandic summer, is so incredibly short-lived and, if squandered, gone in the twinkling of an eye.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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