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Lightsuit skiing at night

This is beautiful. Great visuals and a great track.


Madden NFL 15: Madden Season

Kevin Hart. Dave Franco. Over the top nonsense. I dig it.


Rosie Animal Adoption – Tinderdoption

Tinderdoption is a terrible name, but this is a wonderful idea. Who said you can’t meet someone special through Tinder?


The return of Coach Lasso

Coach Ted Lasso is back! If you missed his coaching exploits last year make sure you check them out. He’s hilarious.


Dodge commercials: Don’t touch my Dart

There’s nothing particularly insightful about these commercials, just a guy who doesn’t want anyone touching his new car. They’re funny. And you can’t go wrong with Craig Robinson.

Play in the Shade

Really smart and simple idea for getting people out of the sun during the middle of the day.


Beats By Dre presents The Game Before The Game

Very sick and so simple. You always see footballers wearing headphones before a game, and now Beats By Dre are the headphones to wear before a game.

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