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New Old Spice ads

These new ads from Old Spice are brilliant.  Pick a site and enjoy.

The 90’s button

The 90’s is/was/will be unanimously agreed by everyone in the world ever to be the greatest decade of music ever. Probably not, but I love it. If you love it too (and you should) then check out You click the button on the site and it plays a random song from the 90’s. You can leave it playing forever and it will keep playing new tracks. To top it all off, the art direction is incredible.

Old Spice Saving The World Will Get You Through The Day

This is the best thing ever done in advertising. My word.

The Emergency Compliment Generator Will Get You Through The Day

Check out Random compliments to cheer you up or use on others. Pretty funny.

Here are some good ones:


LEGO CUUSOO Will Get You Through The Day

Speaking as a LEGO fan, this is one of their coolest ideas ever. You can design your own LEGO items and, if you can get 10 000 people to vote for it, they’ll consider making it. Awesome! Check out the site.

Here’s how it works:

Here are some rad ideas already out there:

MozeedTweets Will Get You Through The Day

If you’re on Twitter, do yourself a favour and follow this account: @MozeedTweets. Hilarious comments from the mind of a guy I work with.

Some examples to get you started:

Dollar Shave Club Will Get You Through The Day

These guys get it. How to sell a prouct I mean. They’re funny as hell, while keeping it all about shaving. Awesome ad. Plus they have an awesome website. Check it out and be entertained.

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