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The Hoverboard

Get in my life!


Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

Technology is amazing. Footballs like this are going to do wonders in training. Can’t wait to see the levels players will reach.

Thanks Cal.

Nike LunarENDOR

Probably the coolest looking snowboard boots ever.



Probably the best motorbike/bicycle hybrid I’ve seen.

Thanks Cal.


3D mapping has been done to death, but this is rad.

Thanks Pat.

Phone Bloks

This is a great idea. Hopefully it becomes more than just an idea.


Audi OLED – The Swarm

The future of your car’s lights. The possibilities!

Skype: The Impossible Family Portrait

I love ads that just tell you what the product does in a beautiful way. There’s nothing clever, nothing funny about it. It’s just a story about people who use Skype. Awesome.

Two more ads from the same campaign (the first is the best though):

The talking window

Some serious science up in this window.

A Flying Bicycle Will Get You Through The Day

It’s very loud and obviously needs work, but this is still very cool.


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